Emilia Clarke Recalls Her Game Of Thrones’ S*x Scene With Kit Harington Getting Awkward Due To Her Brother’s Presence On Set: “He Was Like, ‘Mate, You Gotta Get Him Out’”

Emilia Clarke reveals her s*x scene with Kit Harington in Game Of Thrones was more awkward due to this reason. Find out more about it!

Emilia Clarke is currently enjoying her debut within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but her roots always lie in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones. As she rose to fame with the American drama television series, her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most talked about characters. Talking about her days from the HBO series, Emilia revealed her brother was on set the day she and Kit Harrington filmed their first s*x scene.

Emilia Clarke Shares About Her S*x Scene With Kit Harington

Emilia Clarke Reveals Her S*x Scene Was More Awkward In Game Of Thrones Was More Awkward Due To This Reason!(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Throughout the series, Game of Thrones fans were immersed in her romance with Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, who Daenerys got quite intimate in the series. Jon and Dany’s s*x scene during season 7 got a little extra awkward as Emilia’s brother saw their scene on the sets.

During a recent appearance at the TJH Superhero Comic Con & Car Show, the Game of Thrones actress revealed her brother, Bennett Clarke, was on set working in the camera department the same day her character’s s*x scene was shot. Emilia Clarke said, “I do remember the day, our sex scene day, and my brother was in the camera department that day… And he was on set that day. Kit was like, “Mate, you gotta get him out of here!”.

Emilia Clarke giggled and revealed this detail about the intimate scene that made it extra awkward. In the past, she has been quite candid about filming those scenes, but this time it seems like more of an embarrassing story. She also felt “pressured” into performing her earlier n*de scenes in Game of Thrones, from season 1.

However, at the end of season 6, Clarke felt compelled to perform one final n*de scene. On talking about the scene, she said she was “thrilled” to do the scene because it was “empowering” and “not gratuitous.”

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