Emilia Clarke On Starring In Avengers: “Want To Do Something Stupid & Silly Where I Get To Giggle”

Emilia Clarke also opened up about her relationship status and how she credits the success of GoT to fans.

Emilia Clarke who is known for being the epic Mother Of Dragons in Game Of Thrones wants to be a part of Marvel’s Avengers. A fun trivia for y’all, she was almost a part of one Marvel movie which we’ll reveal later in this article. Till then read what she has to about GoT, her dating life and much more.

'Mẹ Rồng' Emilia Clarke xác nhận tham gia vũ trụ siêu anh hùng của Marvel

In an interview to Times, she opened up about the mixed reviews of the finale season of Game Of Thrones. She revealed how she never read the reviews. She said, “Because if it’s really, really good, someone will tell you. And if it’s really, really bad- some f***** will tell you. When the show did end, it was like coming out of a bunker. Everything felt really strange. Then obviously for it to have the backlash it did.”

Emilia Clarke On Starring In Avengers: "Want To Do Something Stupid & Silly Where I Get To Giggle"

She added how Game Of Thrones is because of fans, “I knew how I felt when l first read it, and I tried, at every turn, not to consider too much what other people might say, but I did always consider what the fans might think-because we did it tor them, and they were the ones who made us successful, so..it’s just polite, isn’t it?”

Mẹ rồng' Emilia Clarke chuẩn bị gia nhập vũ trụ điện ảnh Marvel

About her relationship status, she said, “l am single right now. Dating in this industry is interesting. I have a lot of funny anecdotes, a lot of stuff I can say at a fun dinner.”

She was then asked about if she’ll star in a fantasy show again, to which she replied, “I think if I did, it would be me having a giggle.”

She then finally broke the silence on how she’s all set to star in a film like Avengers, “l want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, like, you know, The Avengers or whatever. Something where I got to have a giggle with mates.”

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