Ed Sheeran makes another surprise appearance as he celebrates pal’s birthday at Suffolk pub

Thinking Out Loud singer Ed Sheeran surprised pub patrons when he made an appearance at a Suffolk pub to celebrate his friend’s birthday with his wife Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran shocked fans when he made a surprise appearance at a Suffolk pub while celebrating his friend’s birthday.

The Thinking Out Loud singer, 32, is known for randomly showing up at local pubs and this weekend wasn’t any different. Ed surprised patrons when he walked into the local pub The Rumburgh Buck with his wife Cherry Seaborn, 31, as he celebrated his pal’s birthday.

Landlady Stella Cattermole said he was a “really lovely, very polite, regular guy.” According to reports, the star and his friends used the games room to enjoy a game of pool and even ate a nice meal. The small group also played on their guitars and sang a few songs.

“My husband couldn’t believe that he was actually cooking for Ed Sheeran,” the landlady said.

Ed surprised patrons when he walked into the local pub The Rumburgh Buck

Ed surprised patrons when he walked into the local pub The Rumburgh Buck ( Image: Stella Cattermole / SWNSSWNS)
The landlady added to the BBC that she was “really impressed with him.” Earlier this year, he turned up to fans’ doorsteps unannounced to surprise them with personal gigs in their living rooms. It was a celebration of the release of his seventh studio album Autumn Variations.

It came after he decided to do an impromptu bar crawl while declaring the “drinks are on me for the next six hours” as fans were left sharing a beer and chatting with their idol. The music star decided to knock on the doors of 14 fans last month and serenaded them on their sofas.

The priceless look of shock when they answered thrilled his followers, who called the Bad Habits hitmaker one of a kind after his latest big effort to give fans a treat they’ll never forget. “I wanted to record a live version of Autumn Variations, but I wanted to do it in an original way,” he captioned his video as he explained what was going on.

“My first idea was to do it as a living room gig at a fan’s house, but then I thought why not do each song in a different fan’s living room and surprise them on their doorstep. We did 14 houses over 2 days and it was such a fun way to meet fans but also record an entire live album. I hope you like it! It’s the bonus album that you all deserve, and thank you to all the fans who let us in with zero notice! Listen now and watch the premiere of them all on YouTube at 1pm ET/6pm BST.”

Last year, he played pool and led a sing-along to Serani’s hit No Games with delighted punters when he paid a random visit to a pub in Birmingham. He enjoyed a few pints at The Roost pub, and even had a go at pulling a few himself, but landlord Ian Connor said Ed is lacking in that particular skill, Birmingham Live reported at the time.

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