Ed Lover has joined the resistance against Eminem slander, challenging Dr. Umar’s credentials in Hip Hop and beyond.

On Sunday (December 31), the iconic radio host aired 2023’s final episode of his C’Mon Son! podcast. Over the hour-long segment, he took a moment to address the controversial activist reducing Em’s legacy to “white supremacy.”

“Where did you get your doctorate?” he asked, regarding the motivational speaker’s certification. “What makes you a doctor? And then, where did you come from and what makes you a[n] authority on Hip Hop?

“Now Eminem don’t need Dr. Umar to tell him he’s one of the greatest of all time because we’ve already have said it. Hip Hop is for everybody. Hip Hop might’ve been created by Black people, but the love of music, melodies and rhymes have spread all over this world.”

He added: “That’s like saying [Big] Pun can’t be one of the greatest of all time because he’s not African American, ’cause he’s Puerto Rican; Fat Joe don’t deserve to be in Hip Hop because he’s not African American. You weren’t there, Dr. Umar, respectively. You were not there.”

Check out Ed Lover’s comments in the clip below:

Last week, MC Shan also shut down Umar’s onslaught on the Detroit rapper, insisting that race doesn’t factor into mastering the craft.

The Juice Crew rapper went live on Instagram to roast the social media provocateur, reminding “Mr. Muthafuckin’ Umar” that Slim Shady was and has been down with the culture for years.

“You just make everything a race thing, n-gga,” he began. “Everything ain’t no fuckin’ race thing. Eminem — muthafucka, you know that n-gga nice. Em deserves a muthafuckin’ slot in this game!

“Em wasn’t no rich muthafucka that come and rob the rap game, and step off. Em muthafuckin’ came in this muthafucka, he had more problems than any Black n-gga. His plate was just as fucked up as some of us in the Black community. Nobody’s robbin’ us.”

He continued: “If you don’t wanna respect him, you do what you do, n-gga,” he concluded. “We don’t fuck with you anyway like that, n-gga. We talk our Hip Hop shit. You talkin’ Black racial, Black fuckin’ culture rhythm. Yeah, we on that, but n-gga, we don’t fuck with that shit. Leave us over here. Em is down with us, son.”

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