Drake raps about Billie Eilish’s ‘big t*ts’ after sending texts to her as a teen

One Dance hitmaker Drake rapped about Bad Guy songstress Billie Eilish in his latest track, and though Billie doesn’t seem too bothered, feud rumours are swirling

Drake appears to diss Billie Eilish’s “big t*ts” in his latest track – Another Late Night, featuring Lil Yachty – after the pair texted when Billie was only 17.

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The lyrics of the new track include the line: “I let her go, she fine as hell, but baby wasn’t stylish (Yeah) / She had big t*ts like Billie Eilish but she couldn’t sing (Drip)”. In the same song he also references Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and the controversial age gap between the pair, who also texted regularly.

Drake sings: “My bank account is magnolia, Milly rockin’, ayy / Weirdos in my comments talkin’ ’bout some Millie Bobby, look / Bring them jokes up to the gang, we get to really flockin’.”

In 2019, Billie branded Drake “so nice” when admitting the pair texted when she was 17 and he was 33. She told Vanity Fair: “I’ve only, like, texted him, but he’s so nice. Like, he does not need to be nice, you know what I mean? He’s at a level in his life where he doesn’t need to be nice, but he is, you know?”

Billie Eilish

Billie has evidently been streaming the song on Spotify (Image: @billieeilish/instagram)

A year before in 2018, Drake was criticised for regularly texting Millie Bobby Brown when she was only 14 – and gave her advice about her love life. She told Access Hollywood: “We just texted each other and he was like, ‘I miss you so much’ and I was like ‘I miss you too!’”

She said he gives her advice “about boys, he helps me”, but said detail “stays in the text messages”. They met in Australia at the Brisbane Supernova convention when Drake was taking a break from his Aussie tour and stayed in touch.

Fans soon criticised the age-gap between Drake and the younger female celebs, with one writing: “I don’t blame Billie Eilish one bit for thinking it’s cool that Drake wants to be her friend. I loved it when I was 17 and adult men wanted to know me. It’s only in hindsight that I found it weird, and it’s really on adults to interrogate what ‘being nice’ actually means here.”

Someone else agreed: “Does anyone else think it’s strange that Drake just has Billie Eilish and Millie Bobby Brown’s numbers? It’s definitely possible he’s just being a role model and it has to do with marketing but why’s a 32 year old man texting girls under the age of 17?” While a third fan said: “Drake is in his 30s. Billie Eilish and Millie Bobbie Brown are teenagers. It’s inappropriate.”


Drake texted both Billie Eilish and Millie Bobby Brown when they were teenagers (Image: Getty Images for The h.wood Grou)
Now, though, Billie has seemingly endorsed the new lyrics, sharing a screenshot of them in a lengthy Instagram post with the line about her “big t*ts” highlighted.

It comes as Billie was forced to deny rumours she’s dating tattoo artist David Enth, with one so-called insider claiming to The Sun: “Their romance is super low-key but they have been on quite a few dates […] David is very much her type because she likes a bad boy with face tattoos — her ex looked like an older version of David. It is all very new but they make a great couple.”

But now Billie has set out to make things right, telling fans via social media: “I’m so dead, literally couldn’t be more single right now LMFAO what the hell is all this,” with two skull emojis.

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