Drake has continued to get lots of love — and lingerie — from his fans, and the Toronto rapper is now enjoying making light of the situation.

During the Scorpion rapper’s latest stop on his It’s All A Blur Tour, which was in Seattle on Sunday (August 27), a fan excitedly tossed a bra that, she claimed, belonged to her mother onto the stage.

“This is your mother’s bra that you brought to the show?” Drake asked while holding the bra. “Where’s your mama at? You gotta send her my love, and tell her to get Instagram ASAP.”

As he looked over the bra, he said that the 46J bra was “insane” before remarking that he could “use this shit as a du-rag.”

Drake has been bombarded with bras thrown on stage throughout his It’s All a Blur Tour, and recently things hit a fever pitch when the 6 God received a gigantic bra from his father Dennis Graham.


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The enormous pink bra was designed by Zobra Martin, who previously designed many of the wedding dresses in Drake’s “Falling Back” music video, and was thrown on stage during Drizzy’s show in Inglewood, California earlier this month.

The OVO hitmaker couldn’t believe his eyes as he approached the ginormous undergarment, and scooped it up while saying aliens must exist if bras are made this size.

“This one takes the cake right here,” he said, before picking up a card that came attached to the bra. “Wait, what does it say? I can’t read this out loud actually, sorry. I can’t read this card out loud, it’s nasty.”

“Who did this? This might be the end of a saga right there. This might be the end of the road, I don’t know. If these were real, I don’t even know if I’d wanna see ’em because then I’d believe that aliens exist.”

Drake then received an answer to his question. “Oh, this is from my dad? The card says this is from my father, my father made this for me. ‘Dad’s wishing big things for you. I love you and made sure you were breastfed correctly.’ What is wrong with this man? This man is crazy.”

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