Drake is the new owner of Tupac’s priceless ring

Drake is the new owner of Tupac’s priceless ring!


Less than 24 hours after the auction ended, Drake posted two photos on Instagram while wearing Tupac Shakur’s ring, proving he was the unseen bidder.

To celebrate the release of his brand-new single Meltdown (feat. Travis Scott), Drake created an unusual раe.

The 36-year-old singer bought a diamond ring that formerly belonged to Tupac Shakur, the father of rap.

The auction house Sotheby’s has finalized the sale of the in question ring.

Tupac Shakur wore the gold ring, which is adorned with pink rubies, diamonds, and other precious stones, during his last public appearance. Less than two weeks had passed since the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. There, he wore it.

Only a few hours after the sale, Drake published an Instagram post showcasing the ring despite Sotheby’s withholding the buyer’s.

The same ring was then shown in another Instagram story by Drake two days later.

“I’m wearing Pac’s ring,” he said.

Sotheby’s gave a pre-auction estimate of $30,000 due to the high value of anything Tupac-related.

However, the ring’s ultimate auction price of $1,016,000 exceeded all predictions.

While spending seven figures on a ring may seem pricey, Drake can easily afford it because to his $250M net worth.

Compared to other rappers who boast about their wealth, Drake is a bit different.

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