Diddy has had a lot of old stories resurface since Cassie filed — and subsequently settled — her civil suit, and now, a former bodyguard of the Bad Boy mogul is claiming that his deceased ex, Kim Porter, once slashed his wrists to protect herself from his abuse.

Gene Deal, who sat down with The Art of Dialogue last month, but whose interview has gone viral in the wake of the explosive allegations made by the “Me & U” singer, began talking about Diddy’s Love album track dedicated to Porter.

“I think that’s a great thing to do, to honor the person that you said you love,” Deal said. “To honor the woman who gave you a scar on your wrist for the rest of your life that you could always look at and remember, you know what I’m saying?”

He continued: “One night, when they were at home, at Kim’s house […] he wanted to, you know, put his hands on her in the wrong way. And Kim took one of those corkscrews and ripped his wrists up. And she hit an artery. And when she did that, he had to rush over to St. Luke’s Hospital.”

Check out the full interview clip below.

Gene Deal isn’t the only one who has come forward with explosive allegations about Diddy.

Back in 2022, Yung Joc sat down with Vlad TV to discuss his experiences with both Diddy and Cassie. On Thursday (November 16), DJ Vlad reposted the video in what he called a “flashback.” Joc talked about an incident he remembered that, to his mind, showed Diddy’s shocking amount of control over Cassie.

According to the “Juice Box” rapper, the alleged incident occurred in Miami. Joc was pulling up to Diddy’s house in his yacht, where the mogul and Cassie were just “chillin’.”

“Me and Puff talkin’, we kickin’ it, and I’ll never forget this: I pulled back up, and Puff like, ‘Get in the Jeep with me, n-gga,’” he said. “So we ridin’ to the club, pumpin’ Biggie, and I’m like, ‘N-gga, I ain’t never really get the opportunity to be with Puff like this.’”

The crew then all went to the popular nightclub LIV together with other producers. “I was watchin’ Puff. Puff was lookin’ up,” he continued. “He saw this white woman, and it was bottles on bottles on bottles around. It was lit. Me and Cassie sittin’ next to each other, my wife was right here.

“The n-gga jumped off the bar and came over and said, ‘Yo. Yo, Cassie. Tomorrow, I want you to shave the side of your head.’ And I’m like, ‘What the fuck kind of request is that?’ So when I looked up there, this white woman’s side of her head was shaved. […] Within two, three days, she sent me a picture, and I’m like, ‘She done shaved her muthafuckin’ head!’”

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