David Guetta says “the future of music is in AI” after Eminem deepfake vocal stunt

“I think really AI might define new musical styles. I believe that every new music style comes from a new technology”

David Guetta reckons “the future of music is in AI” after he used the technology to add the “voice” of Eminem to a new song.

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The French producer shared a video of him playing the song at a recent gig on his Twitter last week, in which the “voice” of Eminem says: “This is the future rave sound / I’m getting awesome and underground.” Guetta does not intend on releasing the track commercially.

However, he told the BBC on the red carpet of the BRITs 2023 that he thinks more musicians will begin using AI in the future because “every new music style comes from a new technology”.

“I’m sure the future of music is in AI. For sure,” he said. “There’s no doubt. But as a tool.”

He continued: “Nothing is going to replace taste. What defines an artist is, you have a certain taste, you have a certain type of emotion you want to express, and you’re going to use all the modern instruments to do that.”

Guetta went on to compare AI to instruments that have led to musical revolutions in the past. “Probably there would be no rock ‘n’ roll if there was no electric guitar,” he explained. “There would be no acid house without the Roland TB-303 [bass synthesiser] or the Roland TR-909 drum machine. There would be no hip-hop without the sampler.

“I think really AI might define new musical styles. I believe that every new music style comes from a new technology.”

David Guetta Eminem

Guetta said that he posted the video of him playing a song with the Eminem-style vocals, which he initially created “as a joke”, in order “to open the discussion and bring awareness”.

“It’s very funny, actually, because a lot of people are reacting. Some of them are like, ‘Oh, this is genius.’ Some of them are getting super mad at me, but I’m not going to release the record,” he said. “It is impossible to think that it’s a real collab, but it sounds exactly like him [Eminem].”

David Guetta went on to win the BRIT Award for Producer Of The Year and performed at the ceremony alongside Becky Hill, who won Best Dance Act, and Ella Henderson.

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