Crips Gang Member Bricc Baby Sends Serious Warning To Ja Morant (VIDEO)

Ja Morant has to understand that the more he tries to portray a gangster, the real gangsters are going to want to test him.

The Memphis Grizzlies guard is under fire after once again flashing a gun on social media Sunday.

Bricc Baby, a rapper and Crips member, reacted to the NBA star’s incident as well as Morant allegedly throwing up the Rollin 60’s crips gang sign during games.

The 23-year-old has previously thrown up gang signs after scoring, specifically, those associated with the Crips.

“He ain’t f—ing with the gangland like that,” Bricc Baby said. “You throwing them ‘Ns’ up, that’s gonna cost you. … What you wanna do, pay the crips for the rest of your life?”

Bricc Baby offered a stern warning to Morant on his behavior.

Bricc also asked if he should meet him later this summer so he could see what gang life is like.

“Start being real with yourself cuz, you a basketball player, you want to step into this field, we can show you a whole lot about this sh*t.”

Ja Morant was previously suspended eight games and learned nothing. The Grizzlies star lost his spot on an All-NBA team, forfeiting $40 million in guaranteed money that comes from a super-max contract, and he still learned nothing.

Two months after Morant apologized to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, made a cameo at a counseling center in Florida, and did an interview with Jalen Rose, he went right back to his behavior.

The Grizzlies immediately suspended Morant for all team activities, pending league review.

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