Cody Rhodes breaks WWE rule while mentioning The Rock and Roman Reigns; the new board member interrupts him immediately

The star knew exactly what he was saying

The Rock came out to the ring on WWE RAW, shocking fans and interrupting Cody Rhodes before the show could get underway. It happened almost immediately after the star had broken one of the company’s many rules during his promo.

The Rock, since returning to the company, has seemingly not cared about the policies about not cursing live on WWE TV. The few times he has, he’s mostly been censored before it could get out, but fans still understood that he was cursing. While WWE has moved away from the strict PG era that the company shifted to after 2007, there has still been an adherence to some basic rules.

Restricting curses has always been a part of that.

However, on WWE RAW today, Cody Rhodes didn’t seem to be interested in listening to any rules, and he said that he knew why The Rock and Roman Reigns were upset about WrestleMania, and it was because they could not face each other at the show. Only, he called their potential match a “w*nk fest.” On top of that, it was not censored on the live broadcast.

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Before Cody Rhodes could say much more, he was interrupted by The Rock, who came out to the ring and confronted him.

It remains to be seen if there are any consequences to the curse not being censored.

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