Chris Hemsworth might be Ed Sheeran’s biggest fan: ‘I’m a borderline stalker’

Thor equals a ‘Mathematics Tour’ superfan

While Chris Hemsworth surely has a few crazed fans of his own, the ridiculously buff Australian actor has proven to be a devoted Sheerio and “supportive mate” to his pal Ed Sheeran.

Over the weekend, Chris attended — not his first, or his second, but his third Mathematics Tour show. Then took to Twitter afterwards to talk all about it.

“Saw Ed Sheeran for the 3rd time this year. Some say I’m a super fan, others say I’m a borderline stalker… mostly Ed says that actually, but hey I’m just a really supportive mate,” Hemsworth tweeted alongside a compilation of videos from the concert and some backstage footage featuring Matt Damon and of course, Sheeran himself.

“Congrats on breaking stadium records once again, champ!,” Hemsworth added, noting that Sheeran made history on Sunday show at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Setting an attendance record at the venue during the second of two sold-out shows, when he played to a crowd of 89,000 — his biggest U.S. audience to date.

Check out Hemsworth’s post below.

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