Chris Brown Talks About “Artistry, Showmanship, And Confident Males That Can Sing” Being Lacking In R&B

R&B used to rule the global charts, regardless of whether the artists were solo, duets, or groups. Singers used to bellow out power ballads, breakup songs, love songs, and everything in between, though in recent times, rap has mostly taken over. Of course, this does not negate the fact that there are amazing singers currently dominating the R&B landscape, but celebrities like Chris Brown have the experience to distinguish between the two.

Chris Brown Talks About &Quot;Artistry, Showmanship, And Confident Males That Can Sing&Quot; Being Lacking In R&Amp;B, Yours Truly, News, December 1, 2023

“[R&B is] obsolete in the fact of it being primary,” said Brown. “Meaning, you used to listen to the radio and they had an ‘R&B Day.’ Not to take anything away, Hip Hop has just been dominating sh*t,” he continued. “A n*gga can’t hate on Hip Hop. I’m a part of it, so, I love it. Let all the Hip Hop be heard.”

With his interpretation of what has changed, he also appears to have critiqued some of his emerging R&B colleagues.

“I feel like, not to sound lame when I say this, it’s really no more artistry left in that type of showmanship lane. A lot of the R&B people have to go introverted or look like they’re emo, and if they’re not that, people will give them the Neo Soul-type of genre. I don’t feel that’s right. I feel like there’s a scarcity of confident males that can sing.”


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