Chris Brown Says “Hell Nah” To Date With Funny Marco’s Sister

According to Funny Marco, his sister wants to “have a baby” with Chris Brown.

Chris Brown and Funny Marco recently sat down for an interview, and the comedian had quite the proposal for the performer. According to Marco, he’s got a sister who looks just like him, and she happens to have a huge crush on Brown. Marco let him know that she wants to “have a baby” with him, trying to gauge whether or not might be interested.

Chris Brown Says “Hell Nah” To Date With Funny Marco’s Sister

Brown made his feelings on the situation crystal clear, shutting down the idea without hesitation. “Hell nah,” he responded, “F*ck no.” Marco looked pretty defeated upon hearing his answer, prompting the Virginia native to backpedal a bit. “My bad, I didn’t mean to diss your sister like that, I’m just saying,” he said. “But, f*ck no.”

Chris Brown’s Not Interested In Ashley

Marco continued to give Brown details of his sister, Ashley, in attempts to sell him on the idea. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. While this portion of the interview was all in good fun, another one of their topics managed to spark quite a bit of drama online. Brown asked Marco about his unfortunate viral interview with G Herbo and Southside, wondering why he let the duo “bully” him. After the interview was live, G Herbo posted a shady Instagram Story, which many thought was a jab at Brown. “Imma slap the f*ck outta you,” he wrote. Herbo denied his post being about Brown, however, telling fans “Im not talking bout no f*cking Chris.”

Chris Brown later corroborated his statement, making it known that there’s no bad blood between them. “Y’all gotta chill wit the negative sh*t,” he wrote. “HERBO IS MY REAL BLOODA. NOW YALL CAN GO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM AND CHILL DA F*CK OUT. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZUZZZ CHRIST.” What do you think of Chris Brown turning down a date with Funny Marco’s sister? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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