Chris Brown roasts Donald Glover’s outfit for Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ party

Beyoncé might be that girl, but Donald Glover is that guy — despite what Chris Brown thinks.

Glover, who makes music as Childish Gambino, proved it when he wore a sheer, chest-baring unitard to Queen Bey’s top-secret, star-studded “Renaissance” album release party over the weekend – but Brown had some issues with the ensemble.

chris brown in pink sweatshirt

Chris Brown does not approve of Donald Glover’s plunging jumpsuit.

The “Redbone” rapper, 38, layered his pastel mesh bodysuit over black underwear, completing the audacious outfit with a silky green jacket and cashmere-lined Loro Piana suede hiking boots ($2,350).

Instagram account Fit Ain’t Nothing described the dad of three as “dressed like he finna walk a tight rope [sic] and Hike Stone Mountain at the same time.” The caption also called the outfit “nasty, mysterious and chaotic all wrapped into that tinfoil windbreaker,” questioning if the star was going hang gliding to PrettyLittleThing “for a side mission.”

Brown, 33, took it upon himself to weigh in, commenting, “I can hear the tambourines when he walk.”

donald glover at beyonce's release party

Donald Glover rocked a chest-baring, sheer bodysuit to celebrate the release of “Renaissance.”

Another commenter declared, “Bro suiting up for Wrestlemania,” while a third said the “This Is America” hitmaker was “dressed like Peter Pan.”

Twitter couldn’t resist getting in on the roasting, either. “Why it look like he realized that he was late and just threw something on 😭😭😭,” one person quipped.

Leonardo DiCaprio, La La Anthony, Tyler Perry and Kendrick Lamar were among the other celebrities who gathered at the Times Square Edition in New York to celebrate Beyoncé’s seventh studio album — and as an insider told Page Six, “a few people got kicked out for being drunk and foolish.”

The bash was dubbed “Club Renaissance,” and Glover understood the assignment with his choice of outfit – unfortunately, it seems Brown didn’t get the theme (or an invitation).

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