Chris Brown Reacts To G Herbo Threatening To Slap Over Funny Marco Interview

G Herbo and Chris Brown speak out after Funny Marco interview

American R&B singer Chris Brown says fans are being messy for stirring up drama as he denies that he shaded rapper G Herbo during an interview with Funny Marco.

Brown’s interview with Funny Marco has quite a few memorable moments, including Marco telling him that he has a sister who wants a baby with him. However, fans seemed to think that a particular question by Brown about a G Herbo and Marco run-in could be him shading the Chicago rapper.

“I tried to reach out, I really was hitting you up because I was like bro why you let G Herbo and dem do you like that?” Brown asked Marco. Marco laughs before answering, “Cause I was just in the mall like damn is this really happening? Like damn.” The “Deuces” artiste added, “So you just let light-skinned n***as bully you and sh*t?”

The M88 comedian, however, said he couldn’t believe it was happening as it unfolded.

“I was like damn is this happening? And I was like thinking damn this is happening? Like you know like something is going on, like if you was in a car wreck, you can’t stop it. Like is it tumbling? And I was like damn, the car tumbling,” the comedian added.

It seems that they were discussing Marco’s last viral interview featuring producer Southside, who brought in his friend G Herbo. The interview took a turn for the worst as both men took over the interview in a rude and unsavory manner. They insulted Marco and G Herbo, who was drunk and belligerent, and even appeared to destroy the comedian’s brand new $30K watch.

Marco later addressed the incident, saying that he didn’t want to match the same bullying energy by Herbo and Southside and had come a long way on his journey.

However, G Herbo appeared pissed on Friday night at Brown and Marco addressing the incident.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, the rapper said

“PSA that’s a public service announcement, for the simple fact that I don’t be having nobody’s name in your mouth, especially n****as. If you have my name in your mouth talking to another party, I hope you able to back it up and I hope to tough, way tougher than me because if I hear it, Imma slap the f**k out of you,” Herbo said.

He continued, “I’m just warning y’all, If you a b***h a** and got my name in your mouth and you really don’t want me to hear that you got my name in your mouth… I’m not gonna spare you b****h a** n**as no more.”

In the meantime, Chris Brown later cleared things up, writing on his Instagram Story that he and Herbo are cool.

“Y’all gotta chill wit the negative sh*t. Herbo is my real blooda. Now y’all can go listen to the album and chill da f**k out Jeeeezzuzzz Christ!” he wrote.

G Herbo and Southside were dragged by fans for their behavior, but neither have apologized to the comedian.

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