Chris Brown Asks Funny Marco Why He Let G Herbo And Southside “Bully” Him and the unexpected ending

Chris Brown didn’t seem convinced by Funny Marco’s explanation.

Last month, Funny Marco’s interview with G Herbo and Southside went viral, as many social media users accused the duo of being rude guests. The two artists repeatedly berated the personality, and even ended up breaking his $30K watch. Fans were upset by their behavior, and overall, found the video to be a pretty tough watch.

Recently, he sat down for a far more pleasant chat with Chris Brown, who asked him about the viral interview. According the the Virginia native, he reached out to speak to Marco simply to ask him why he didn’t push back when the duo started to “bully” him. “Why’d you let G Herbo and them do you like that?” he asked. The comedian explained that once the interview started to take a turn for the worst, he felt as though there was nothing he could do to stop it. He adds that while it was all going downhill, all he could think to himself was, “Damn, this is happening.”

Chris Brown Curious About Funny Marco’s Viral Interview

Though Brown didn’t appear to be convinced by Marco’s explanation, he’s previously stated that he didn’t fire back during the interview in order to keep things professional. “I was upset while it was going on,” he revealed once the interview gained some traction. “But I understand I got a job to do & one thing about me, I respect people on my show.”

He continued, noting how he didn’t want to stoop to their level. Luckily, he says that he at least managed to pick up a few things from the experience. “I didn’t want to match they Energy. It’s so many L’s I took on my Journey I wish I could show I don’t hide anything,” Marco explained. “So I feel it was only right to put the episode out myself. And just learn from that episode & move on. Thank who support me it’s a mindset thing.” What do you think of Chris Brown questioning Funny Marco about his unfortunate experience interviewing G Herbo and Southside? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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