Cardi B wasn’t happy with Chick-fil-A allegedly messing up her order and she took her grievance to social media and blasted the fast food chain.

The Grammy Award-winner went after the Sunset Blvd. location on Sunday (December 3) and claimed it was the second time in two days that they had messed up when it came to Cardi’s food order.

“Fucking Chick-fil-A,” she began. “I’m really getting sick and tired of y’all muthafuckas. First of all, this is the second time y’all do this. Y’all do this yesterday and y’all do it today. So that’s why I’m gonna put in a complaint.

“Uber Eats I don’t give a fuck. I said two honeys, one honey mustard and one buffalo. Y’all ain’t put the buffalo and put some fucking ketchup. Missing the honey, missing the buffalo. Y’all did the same fucking shit yesterday.”

Cardi continued: “I’m gonna give a fucking complaint because I tipped you muthafuckas and on top of that we gotta pay the extra shit for muthafuckin’ Uber Eats for y’all to not put the fucking condiments in our shit. My muthafuckin’ sauces. Don’t play with my muthafuckin’ food. Y’all pissing me the fuck off.”

Chick-fil-A is yet to publicly respond to Cardi B’s rant and we’ll see if the fast food giant or Uber Eats attempt to mend fences with Cardi in the future. One thing’s for sure, they better not forget any of her specific side sauces with her food again.

Cardi B clearly doesn’t play when it comes to her eats and when the Atlanta food scene was up for debate last month, the 31-year-old dissed ATL’s service industry amid the Keith Lee controversy, claiming they “don’t like people.”

“I feel like Atlanta restaurants, they don’t like to make money,” she said. “I feel like they don’t like people, they don’t like they customers, they just don’t fucking like it. You could barely order in Atlanta restaurants.”

“It gets to the point that I have to tell people that order food for me, ‘Can you just name-drop my name?’ Because they don’t do no pickup orders, they don’t do deliveries, they just don’t do shit.”

With homes in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Atlanta, Cardi has experienced the food scene across the country, and felt compelled to diss Atlanta’s slow service.

“The food wait is so busy,” she added. “It’s so, so busy like, I feel bad for Atlanta residents. Y’all have to go through [a lot]. Thank you Jesus I’m famous, but even me being famous it’s a hassle.

“Muthafuckas don’t like making money out there. In New York, a restaurant is going to open up early and going to close so fucking late. They’re going to serve you all the muthafuckin’ time.”

Cardi B continued: “Even with the bougie restaurants, it’s not as bad as the Atlanta service. It’s like they treat you like they doing you a favor! Like, y’all want muthafuckas to come back?”

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