Cardi B has announced that she’s no longer here for folks who dare to take her “Bardi Gang” to task.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday (December 31), the “Bodak Yellow” rapper — who donned a white jacket and an N95 mask for the occasion — said she had a “PSA” for her fanbase.

“So, I cursed out my fans really bad the other day,” she began. “And today they put me on a billboard on 42nd Street in Times Square. I don’t know if it’s Stockholm Syndrome, or we just have a very toxic relationship.

Cardi B Updates on X: "The amount of Get Up 10's I'm seeing… ooooh don't  eat like that Bardi Gang!" / X

“Either way, it just goes to show you that if you’re not Bardi Gang, you should mind your fucking business. Oh, you thought they were going to leave me? Awww. They ain’t goin’ nowhere, bitch! They ain’t goin’ nowhere! And neither am I. I love you!”

In a follow-up post, she continued: “I must be a lil toxic cuz I enjoyed cursing ya out today… but we not taking that into 2024. Now have a good day. No make it a bad day!”

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The “cursing out” of the Bardi Gang happened on Thursday (December 28) after Cardi B and her estranged husband Offsetwere spotted together in New York City, fueling speculation that the pair had gotten back together despite an increasingly rancorous split.

The pair were in the Big Apple without their two children, daughter Kulture and son Wave.

Despite going out of there way not to be seen together, Cardi and Offset were photographed with the same fan in the same store, and Bardi was reportedly seen with the Migos rapper at Torrisi on Mulberry Street in downtown Manhattan.

TMZ also confirmed that the estranged pair took their two kids to a Travis Scott concert the day after they all spent Christmas together.

Despite all these sightings together, the “Up” rapper recently lambasted fans in a Twitter Space who tried to insinuate that she and Offset were back together.

“Shut the fuck up!” she said. “Bout to delete my whole social media because y’all don’t shut the fuck up. And it’s the same fuckin’ dumb — my own fuckin’ fan base. The last time I got dragged was because my fuckin’ fanbase. I don’t see nobody talking shit but my own fuckin’ fan base.”

She continued: “Y’all heard something out of my mouth? Bitch, y’all heard I’m back with a n-gga out my mouth? No! Shit is fucking annoying. For fuckin’ three days, y’all been doing the same shit. Did I say I was back together with somebody? I say that? Did ya heard that? Did I say it? Did he say it? No!”

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