Brittany Murphy admits she has to be very careful when answering a certain question from Eminem. The reason is full of surprises

Brittany Murphy worried that if she gave the wrong answer to a certain question, she would become diss material for an Eminem song.

Fans could not have predicted that Brittany Murphy’s final appearance would take place in the film, Something Wicked. At that point, her career was trending in a different direction and according to her late husband, it was all because of a conspiracy in Hollywood blocking Murphy from major roles.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at one of Murphy’s most impactful projects alongside Eminem, 8 Mile. We’re going to reveal how Murphy really felt about working with Eminem, and how the rapper took the news of her passing.

Eminem and Brittany Murphy Photos from 8 Mile Premiere

Murphy was very open about her time alongside Eminem in 8 Mile, however, there was one question from the behind the scenes she didn’t want to touch. Brittany worried that if she gave the wrong answer to a certain question, she would become diss material for an Eminem song in the future. Wisely, she decided to decline the question.

The Late Brittany Murphy Enjoyed Her Experience With Eminem In 8 Mile

It turned out to be quite the acting debut for Eminem back in 2002. Playing the role of B-Rabbit, which was loosely based on his life, 8 Mile and Eminem thrived at the box office, bringing in an impressive $242 million. The rapper and film were also praised, especially given the chemistry between Eminem and Brittany Murphy.

Eminem in particular was a very polarizing figure at the time, however, it did not deter Murphy’s experience alongside the actor.

She revealed back in the early 2000s, “I’m a fan … I think that he’s very misunderstood. He’s brilliant. He’s a brilliant young man.” Murphy would also go on to discuss the chemistry that the two shared behind the scenes.

“Marshall is … he’s one of the most funny, honest, professional, hard-working actors I’ve ever worked with, if not the most. There was a beautiful sense of everyone getting to know each other.”

The late actress continues, “Everyone truly became friends and got to know everyone’s tics.”

Brittany was honest in her assessment about Eminem, however, there was one question she wasn’t willing to answer, out of fear for the rapper’s rap skills.

Brittany Murphy Avoided The Topic Of Eminem Being Nervous During The Shoot Of The Film In Fear He Would Make A Diss Rap About Her

There was a particular question Murphy wisely wasn’t willing to answer… Wanting to know what Eminem was like shooting the film behind the scenes, the media wanted to know if Em’ felt nervous behind the camera, given that it was his acting debut and being thrust into such an environment.

Murphy wasn’t willing to give out extra information, especially in fear that if she said the wrong thing, Eminem would create a diss track about it.

“You would have to ask him,” she joked. “I don’t want to pop up in some song or something. I’m being careful.”

She wasn’t part of a diss track, but Eminem did teach her valuable lesson about pointing the finger properly.

“She had no idea how to throw up a middle finger cause she never flipped anyone off in her entire life until she did 8 Mile with Marshall,” co-star Anthony Mackie revealed. “Eminem and her sit down and [he] was teaching her how to do it.”

A great moment between the two, though like everyone else, Eminem was left stunned following his co-star’s sudden passing.

Eminem Revealed That He Was Very Close To Brittany Murphy Behind The Scenes

Eminem himself admitted alongside MTV to having a close relationship with Murphy behind the scenes. The rapper like everyone else was stunned over her passing, and admitted that Hollywood was facing a major problem of drug overdose at the time behind the scenes.

Eminem: A career overview

Eminem revealed, “It was crazy. It’s crazy, because at one point, we were very close, and she was a really good person. It’s crazy when you see things not just with her but just all these things that are happening in Hollywood with people in music, with people in acting. … Famous people. Famous people are overdosing at alarming rates and — that almost sounded like a commercial. Wow.”

The rapper continued on, putting the blame on doctors and how easily influenced they can be.

“But they are,” he continued. “And it’s one of those things, man, where you’re famous, doctors will kiss your ass because they love the celebrity. ‘Oh, I can call up Eminem and get him on the phone right now. Oh, hi Marshall, how are you doing? Do you need that [prescription]?’ There are doctors that will give you certain things just because of who you are.”

Murphy’s passing was an eye-opener for Eminem, who faced addiction battles of his own and bouts with overdoses. These days, Eminem has cleaned things up compared to his past.

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