BREAKING: Josh Giddey’s Agent Fired For Controversial Message Amid His Client’s Ongoing Investigation Over Relationship With Underaged Female

Josh Giddey’s agent, Daniel Moldovan, has been fired amid the shocking allegations which have been made against the Oklahoma City Thunder star.

Giddey is currently under investigation following claims of him having a relationship with a minor, but Moldovan’s firing is completely unrelated.

The agent was fired by the Ocagon agency following some ill-advised social media activity in which he lashed out at a Black Lives Matter post, per Ethan Strauss.


Moldovan reacted to a post from the aforementioned group in which it claimed to “stand with Palestine” following the Hamas attacks in Israel in early October. The post showed a drawing of a paraglide and was captioned, “I stand with Palestine” and “That’s all it is!”

“72 hours after terrorists paraglided into a music festival and slaughtered 260 young people,” Moldovan wrote in response.

“This is how BLM chose to symbolize where their support lies. F BLM and anybody who supports them.”

Octagon confirmed Moldovan’s dismissal to Strauss.

“Octagon became aware that Daniel Moldovan made divisive, disparaging, and corrosive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for,” they said in a statement.

“We immediately launched an investigation into the reported incident. It was determined that Daniel’s comments and actions were in gross violation of our policies that are in place to protect the longstanding integrity of the company, its employees and clients, and we promptly terminated his employment.”

Moldovan declined to make a statement of his own.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that the parents of the female believed to have hooked up with Giddey are refusing to cooperate with the authorities.

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