Bono Wanted To Keep It Quiet But Taylor Swift Revealed The Special Gift She Got From The U2 Star

Bono had a shy reaction to Taylor Swift’s gift reveal on The Graham Norton Show.

As one might assume, Taylor Swift has some terrific connections. Heck, she was applauded for saving Dave Grohl at Paul McCartney’s party. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Swift is taking part with such A-listers, who value the artist.

As one might assume, Taylor Swift has some terrific connections. Heck, she was applauded for saving Dave Grohl at Paul McCartney’s party. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Swift is taking part with such A-listers, who value the artist.

Taylor Swift Revealed Bono Left Her Beautiful Roses When She Played In Dublin

Taylor Swift and Bono were both on The Graham Norton Show in what was a great interview. Early on, Swift was asked about a possible collab with U2. Swift jokingly said that discussions would take place after the show.

“Not yet,” Swift replied, and added, “We’re gonna talk about it later.”

Bono would also reveal that he’s a major supporter of Taylor Swift’s work, calling himself a Swiftie. He would also did admit to a kind gesture he did for Swift. It was Taylor that made the reveal.

She said, “He’s so nice he sent me roses when I played in Dublin,” Swift said. “He doesn’t want to take credit … He’s a truly great person. He’s just that great and thoughtful, just the best there is.”

A shy-looking Bono took a quick sip of his drink after Swift told the story. The memorable moment can be seen below.

Swift would also take to Instagram, thanking Bono while posting a photo of the flowers.

“Walked into my dressing room to find roses from @U2 and I WAS NOT READY FOR IT. I LOVE U2 I LOVE IRELAND LETS DO THIS CROKE PARK!!!”

A great moment between the two, and one that the fans had a blast with online.

Fans Praised Taylor Swift For Her Interview With Bono On The Graham Norton Show
The memorable interview with Graham Norton has over 1 million views on YouTube. Fans had a lot to say about the moment, especially given the way Taylor Swift handled herself.

“I love how easy it is for Taylor to compliment other people. It really shows how confident she is in herself and her own abilities. She is also so gracious. What a lovely combination of qualities in a person, she is lovely.”

Another fan wrote, “She’s always so sweet to people she talks to. She complimented everyone on this couch and talked about how they were great at their craft and an inspiration. What an excellent human.”

“I love how nice Taylor truly is. The re-recording was a brilliant move on her part and i love how much it shook the music industry. Artists deserve to own their art, their name and their image, no one should be allowed to own someone like the record labels do.”

As expected, Taylor Swift received lots of love for her interview conduct alongside Graham Norton from the fans. However, Graham Norton also had strong praise for his guest, calling her one of the most genuine souls ever on the show.

Graham Norton Also Had Major Praise For Taylor Swift As A Guest

During his appearance alongside Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Graham Norton discussed some of his most memorable celebrity guests. As expected, Norton was gushing over Taylor Swift. Norton was especially blown away by how normal Swift seemed, despite all her insane success.

Norton revealed, “I love Taylor Swift. I don’t know how she can be as normal as she is. She is so regular, but she can’t be. I love her.”

Fans completely agreed with Norton’s sentiments towards Swift. A fan wrote in the comments section of Norton’s interview with Andy Cohen, “You know, there were so many questions about other people, the fact that they have to mention Taylor Swift name in the title speaks volume of Taylor’s power. I absolutely love Graham. He is the best talk show host in my opinion.”

Fans also appreciate Norton as a host, given that he makes his guests feel very comfortable during interviews.

“It’s clear that Taylor feels very safe when she’s at Graham Norton. She knows that he’s far more respectful than most other hosts.”

Great chemistry between the two and fans are hoping to see Swift back on the show in the future.

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