Benzino Sends Message to Black Eminem Stans: “You are the worst”

Benzino keeps celebrating the alleged victory in his diss battle with Eminem and takes a minute to slander.


He showed up at the “ Don’t Quote Me” podcast for his “first interview after dropping the diss”. There were two fresh diss tracks from him in a span of four days, but Benzino clearly wants everybody to forget about the first one and to focus on the most recent, allegedly written by a ghostwriter who used complex multi-syllable rhymes, which Benzino is not famous for, to put it mildly.

Who Started the Benzino/Eminem Beef? See a Timeline of What Happened

Anyway, there was not much new for Benzino to say. Still, he took the opportunity to go against his favourite boogie monster — Eminem fans. This time, he emphasised that the Black Eminem audience evokes the strongest feeling of disgust and repulsion. Dry heaving into the mic, he declared:

Nothing y’all can tell me. I’m cooking your rap god. The god that you’ve been obsessed with. Especially the Black stans. Urgh! You are the fucking worst.

Watch the video below:

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