Eminem’s dissed a ton of people throughout his career but Benzino is taking his past snipes from Slim Shady in stride … while also coming clean he used his Source magazine publication to get a bit of revenge!!!

While speaking on Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion,” Benzino recalled being impressed with Eminem’s 2002 diss track “Nail In the Coffin” … despite the song labeling Benzino an “83-year-old fake [Al] Pacino.”

Benzino and Eminem infamously waged a rap war in the mid-00s that eventually roped in 50 Cent and G-Unit, Ja Rule, Murda Inc., and infamously, The Source mag.

As time went on, Benzino says the beef began to get disrespectful, and he put his foot down and prevented Em from getting a perfect “5-mic” rating for any of his albums.

The rating was a pretty big deal in hip hop at the time, and the snubs clearly affected Em … hence the lyrics on his 2nd Benzino diss track titled “The Sauce,” where he rapped, “‘The Source’ was like our only source of light, when the mics used to mean somethin’, a four was like, ‘You were the shit,’ now it’s like the least you get, 3 1/2 now just means you’re a piece of shit, 4 1/2 or 5 means you’re Biggie, Jigga, Nas, or Benzino — shit, I don’t even think you realize you’re playin’ with motherfuckers’ lives … I done watched Dre get f****d on ‘The Chronic’ … Probably ‘cause I was on it/Now you f****d me out of my mics twice…”

Benzino admits to starting the beef, but claims he did it for the sport of rap. He also admitted to openly using ghostwriters — something Em would rather become a ghost than do, but to each their own!!!

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