Badshah was reduced to tears after Shah Rukh Khan’s unexpectedly gracious gesture: ‘Everything you’ve heard about him is true’

Badshah said that he reached out to Shah Rukh Khan’s manager to ask if Shah Rukh Khan would be willing to narrate the trailer for his new album. What SRK did next moved him.

badshah shah rukh khan

Badshah got Shah Rukh Khan to narrate the trailer for his new album.

Singer Badshah recalled an anecdote about asking Shah Rukh Khan for a favour, and the superstar overdelivering on what was asked of him. Badshah said that the experience, and watching the fruits of their labour, brought him to tears. He said that more than being a fan of Shah Rukh’s work, he’s a fan of Shah Rukh as a person.

Badshah REVEALS Shah Rukh Khan's special gesture which left him in tears! |  Hindi Movie News - Times of India

In an appearance on the Untriggered with Aminjaz podcast, Badshah was asked how he managed to get Shah Rukh to narrate the trailer for his Ek Tha Raja album. Using some colourful expletives, Badshah said in Hindi, “With the trailer, the intention was to blow people’s pants off, to leave their jaws on the floor. I wanted it to be grand, so grand that even white people stand up and take notice. Not that white people are the benchmark, but still. I said I wanted 20 G-Wagons, and they said that renting them alone will cost Rs 80 lakh. I said I don’t care, I just had to do it.”

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