Azealia Banks has never been one to hold her tongue, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that she has weighed in on Cassie‘s lawsuit against Diddy.

The suit, filed Thursday (November 16), alleges physical and sexual abuse, among a number of other accusations. Diddy’s attorney Benjamin Brafman has issued a statement strongly denying the allegations.

Azealia reacted to the news on social media on Thursday, detailing another alleged incident of domestic violence that Cassie suffered at the hands of the Bad Boy Records boss.

“THIS IS TRUE,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories in response to the headline: “Cassie Sues Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs For Rape And Repeated Physical Abuse.”

She added: “One time Diddy beat her up so bad he sent her on a 3week ‘vacation’ to Hawaii just so no one would see or question how her face got like that.”

Banks called Diddy “another VI0L*NT hiphop H0M0S*XUL,” and said: “This is what mental illness looks like for all of you armchair psychologists” — that last part seemingly a nod to observers who have speculated about her own mental health in the past.

You can see the post below.

Rumors about Diddy’s sexuality have been present for years. Cassie’s current husband Alex Fine even seemed to nod to them in a social media post last year, prominently using the words “gotta move on” — the title of Diddy’s song about his breakup with Cassie — in a post wishing people a “Happy Pride.”

Cassie’s suit alleges that Diddy coerced her “to engage in a fantasy of his called ‘voyeurism,’” repeatedly making the singer perform sex acts with male sex workers while he watched.

The suit does not mention a trip to Hawaii. However, it does claim that: “Mr. Combs used his money and power to orchestrate extensive efforts to hide the evidence of his abuse, including by hiding [Cassie] in hotels for days at a time to let her bruises heal.”

It cites one specific alleged 2009 incident, in which Diddy is said to have “forced his staff” to bring Cassie to a hotel in Los Angeles following a VI0L*NT assault, and that she was “required to stay for a week.”

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