An incident of A DAD who unintentionally sat next to Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra’s hubby on a flight has gone viral on social networks and this is a brilliant reason.

Dad sits next to pop star Nick Jonas on flight – then goes viral for THIS reason.

The passenger was flying first class on a Delta Airlines flight when he noticed there was a lot of commotion surrounding the passenger next to him.

And to find out why there was a huge deal on his flight, he texted his daughter.

The dad said: “Who is Nick Jonas?”

SELFIE: A dad unintentionally sat next to Nick Jonas on a flight (Image: GETTY • TWITTER/DEANNA HALL)

VIRAL: The Internet loves the dad’s selfie with the pop star (Image: TWITTER/DEANNA HALL)

Not understanding her old man’s random pop-culture question, the text exchange started out very calmly.

Deanna Hall, a student from the University of South Florida, replied: “A famous singer. I love him. He was a part of the Jonas Brothers.”

But when her dad replied that the heart-throb was casually sitting next to him on the flight – things escalated very quickly.

STARSTRUCK: Deanna Hall screamed through a text (Image: TWITTER/DEANNA HALL)

She screamed through a text: “TAKE A PIC WITH HIM. TELL HIM I LOVE HIM.


Deanna – who was a big fan of the Jonas Brothers growing up – posted the text exchange on Twitter, along with her dad’s selfie with Nick – and the Internet loved it.

SUPERSTAR: Nick was apart of the Jonas Brothers, a popular boy band formed in 2005 (Image: TWITTER/DEANNA HALL)

Since it was posted on the social media site, it has has been retweeted more than 49,000 times and liked over 185,000 times.

And Deanna’s clueless dad has been getting as much love as Nick.

TWITTER: The post has been tweeted more than 49,000 times and liked over 185,000 times (Image: TWITTER/DEANNA HALL)

One person tweeted: “The pic of you dad and Nick Jonas is PRECIOUS.”

Another said: “Your dad is so pure. I love this.”

But unfortunately for Deanna – her dad was unable to secure an autograph for her.

We think your dad did pretty well all things considered, Deanna! Good job, Dad!

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