Adult Star Moriah Mills Calls Out Zion Williamson For Being “Fat” & “Boring” In Bed During Scathing Rant (VIDEO)

After harassing the player throughout the offseason, the adult star was back taking shots at him this week. It was as if she got triggered by the Anthony Edwards situation given that it’s sort of similar.

Mills, who accused the Pelicans star of getting her pregnant right after he and his girlfriend announced their pregnancy and insisted on getting paid, went at the former No. 1 overall pick until she got banned from X.

It appeared that she was done with the social media diatribe but returned this week, taking to TikTok to deny that Williamson paid to have her taken off the internet as she claimed that the player doesn’t manage his own money and gets an allowance from his stepfather. She also advised him to lose some weight, asserting that fans were tired of seeing him so fat before adding she was tired of seeing him on top of him looking fat.

Photo of Moriah Mills speaing on TikTok and photo of Zion Williamson in Pelicans jersey

So Moriah Mills is not quite done with Zion Williamson yet.

In another video, she claimed that the player was boring in bed.

“Here’s some advice Zion Williamson since you want to send your publicist to talk S– about me every other freaking week, how about you get on your treadmill, maybe speed 2 or 3 level 12 and maybe you’ll lose some weight, and go on it for like an hour or two?” she said.

“How about you practice doing three-pointers, everyone is tired of seeing you do dunks all freaking day, learn another move it’s getting boring and tired. You’re tired and boring just like you were in bed.”

It appears Moriah won’t be going away anytime soon. The woman in Edwards’ case got a cool $100,000 for her trouble, so it could be what set her off.

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