50 Cent‘s relentless trolling of Diddy doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, and his latest attempt includes a doctored photo with the late 2Pac.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (December 12), Fif shared what appears to be an AI rendering of himself and Pac wearing nearly matching outfits while taking a selfie in a studio.

“Karma is a mother fvcker brother love, brother love, brother love,” he taunted Diddy in the caption.

Diddy was brought back into the conversation of 2Pac’s murder in the fall when Duane “Keefe D” Davis was arrested for the 1996 shooting in Las Vegas.

You can view 50’s post below.

Keefe D has long claimed that Diddy was involved in 2Pac’s 1996 murder. In his book Compton Street Legend, Keefe says that Diddy directly ordered the killing, telling him: “I have a couple of problems I need to be handled. Big CEO [Suge Knight] and ‘Pac.”

In an interview with VladTV, Keefe even said that FBI agents told him they’d heard Diddy had paid $1 million as a reward for the killing — money that, in Keefe’s telling, was intended for him but was stolen by another music industry figure with a murky relationship to the Bad Boy/Death Row beef, Eric “Von Zip” Martin.

All of this history forms the background for 50 Cent’s continued trolling of Diddy following Keefe’s arrest in late September. The G-Unit general has previously taken aim at Diddy both on social media and at concerts.

In an Instagram post earlier in October, 50 advised Puff to “lawyer up” in light of Keefe’s arrest. “Damn so pac got lined by brother love,” he wrote, referencing Diddy’s R&B moniker. “LOL Time to Lawyer up, shit might get sticky.”

50’s post included a photo of 2Pac and Suge Knight sat in the black BMW sedan the night of the deadly drive-by shooting on September 7, 1996.

In a video that surfaced the same day, 50 could be seen onstage trolling Diddy during a European stop on his Final Lap Tour.

“I hate when they leave me to talk because I always say the wrong thing,” he began. “Last time they left me, I said something about Puffy. You saw that clip? I gotta stop doing that kinda shit. I been talking to a therapist to try to help me with the shit I been saying.”

He continued: “It’s some crazy shit on my mind. Maybe I said that shit about Puffy because he got 2Pac killed.”

Diddy has consistently denied the allegations that he had anything to do with ‘Pac’s killing.

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