2Pac apparently once yelled at Suge Knight over a sizeable check owed to him for a movie he starred in.

Director Gobi M. Rahimi — who was behind iconic 2Pac music videos like “Hit ‘Em Up,” “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “How Do U Want It,” as well as the 7 Dayz documentary — recently sat down with the The Art of Dialogue to reflect on the late rapper’s relationship with Suge and Death Row Records.

Suge Knight's son doubles down on 'Tupac's alive' claim but won't say what  he knows because he's 'no snitch' – The Sun | The Sun

Rahimi claimed that he witnessed 2Pac “screaming” at his then-label boss after he took a $700,000 check that he earned for his role in the 1997 film Gridlock’d.

“A lot of people have said they were like brothers or whatever. I only got to see the experiences of him yelling and screaming either at Suge or Death Row employees trying to find out where he money was,” he said.

“‘Pac was supporting like 40 people. ‘Pac’s family was not small, right. He was supporting a lot of muthafuckas. ‘Cause at one point, I remember hearing that 2Pac’s $700,000 check for acting in Gridlock’d had also gone to Suge. And ‘Pac was on the phone yelling and screaming ’bout, ‘Why the fuck’s my movie money coming to you?’

“Friendships and brotherhoods and all that’s great, but if your business and your money’s not good… come on bro, you gotta feed your family.

He continued: “We know posthumously that all those things that 2Pac thought he owned, he ain’t own any of it. And there was real estate bought in his name in Miami. Everything he had, the house in Calabasas, the house on Wilshire, those were all rentals. He thought he owned all that.

“‘Pac was weekly on the phone chasing his money with Death Row over Suge.”

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Diddy‘s ex-bodyguard Gene Deal previously claimed that 2Pac had suspicions that someone at Death Row was stealing money from him, implying the culprit hired dirty cops to carry out his murder in order to silence the rapper.

“What’s the root of all evil? Money,” he said in a separate interview with The Art of Dialogue. “Somebody wanted control of some money. Some people were spending money that they shouldn’t have been spending money. Some people were stealing money that they shouldn’t have been stealing. Some people had money that they shouldn’t have had.

“I think, if I heard correctly, 2Pac put an audit in two or three weeks prior to his murder and started firing people and trying to figure out where his money was at and where it was going. So now, if you’ve been stealing money and you inside and everything could be connected to you, what are you gonna do?”

As for his own relationship with 2Pac, Gobi M. Rahimi explained how met the All Eyez On Me rapper during an interview with CanvasRebel Magazine earlier this year.

“I met a girl at a wine tasting in orange county that used to produce gangsta rap videos,” he said. “Within a month I was going out with her, moved in with her in L.A. and started out as a production assistant, then a production manager, and then a producer on gangsta rap videos.

“She also introduced me to 2Pac. For whom I had an immediate affinity. He saw something special in me that no one else had ever seen. The thing about working with rap videos is that it gives you the ability to problem solve and put out fires continuously.”

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