25 Hip Hop Artists Got Co-Sign From Eminem on His New Playlist

As previously announced, Eminem put together a playlist featuring the hardest young hip hop lyricists.

This was a joint enterprise with on-demand music streaming and audio discovery platform Audiomack. In late September, Eminem posted an announcement inviting submissions:

Speakin of bars… im takin over 4 @audiomack’s art of bars playlist nxt month – hit the link to submit and im adding whoevers got the best bars! http://amack.it/artofbars


The The Art of Bars playlist has been around for quite some time and featured different names depending on who was in charge of putting it together. Marshall as a curator decided to focus on new artists.

Drawing the attention to the project , Audiomack described it as follows: Eminem will be curating a selection of his favorite rap tracks from skilled lyricists, including a few submissions from up-and-coming spitters.

And now, finally, the playlist went live. It is 70 minute long and features 25 songs from artists many of whom you didn’t hear before. Audomack declared the playlist officially launched:
You submitted your best verses & @eminem chose his favorites 🔥Listen to songs that impressed the 🐐 on our “Art of Bars” playlist 🔗 http://amack.it/em-bars


This is Marshall’s collection tracklist:

The Art of Bars by Eminem

Real rap never left

2. The Monk’s Ferrari — Radamiz
4. NEW WORLD ORDER — J. Young, J. Young
5. GOODNIGHT — Samad Savage

6. Sunday — ShaqIsDope
7. Archives — Luka Pryce
8. The Update — Black Dre
9. Like This — Amplified.
10. WHATEVER MAN — Airospace, Chowerman
11. Antimatter — Dyme
12. Bleeding Out — Slee!
13. Letter to Myself — Gezim Camaj
14. Bonkers — K-Prez
16. Excellence — Prentice
18. 18 The Hard Way — Kipp Stone
19. Impeachment — Smaxklord
20. Five Star Frog Splash — Les
21. Poetry In Motion — Novet
22. Lo Bucket (Freestyle) — ICEY LLC
23. Thank You — imjustdonny
24. Adult $wim (Album Version) — Mike the $eventh, Camo
25. Smoovement — Kid lavon

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